Identical twin studies prove homosexuality

Identical twin studies prove homosexuality

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  • by Mark Ellis – Eight major studies of identical twins in Australia, the...
  • And I landed on this story, published yesterday by, headed ' Identical twin studies show homosexuality not...
  • Homosexuality may be triggered by environmental factors during Scientists studied 37 sets of identical...
  • In spite of that if pages in the subscription communicate the...

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Interchangeable combine studies end up homosexuality.

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Scientists find DNA differences between gay men and their straight twin brothers

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    The subject of identical twins has been on my mind ever since I read a magnificently creepy thriller called Ice Twins by SK Treymayne — a pseudonym meant to sound like a woman, but it fact belonging to the novelist Sean Thomas.


    The relationship between biology and sexual orientation is a subject of research.


    For men, new research suggests that clues to sexual orientation may lie not just in the genes, but in the spaces between the DNA, where molecular marks instruct genes when to turn on and off and how strongly to express themselves.


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