Sam pepper talks about sexual harassment

Sam pepper talks about sexual harassment

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Sam stipple talks round sex harassment.

  • Newsbeat has been speaking exclusively to a number of women who claim to have been sexually harassed by...
  • YouTube star Sam Pepper faces sexual harassment claims - BBC Newsbeat

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    Samuel Pepper [1] born 26 March [2] [3] [ citation needed ] is a British YouTube personality , video blogger, comedian, and prankster.


    Controversial YouTube star Sam Pepper has posted a lengthy apology video after seemingly disappearing from the internet last week.

  3. ELBA

    Laci Green , a sex-education activist on YouTube, posted a video Thursday that details Pepper's behavior, the uproar and stories from women claiming he has sexually harassed them at some point before this prank even spawned the Internet's wrath.

  4. ANA

    Newsbeat has been speaking exclusively to a number of women who claim to have been sexually harassed by Sam Pepper.

  5. ENID

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